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A.R.I.S.E.  (Adopting Research-based Instructional Strategies for Enhancing) STEM EDUCATION is a NSF-funded institutional-level project aimed at improving student learning by enriching the way STEM courses are taught at the University of Nebraska. The project offers professional development opportunities for faculty and strives to foster cross-departmental comparisons of teaching cultures and efforts to elevate the importance of teaching in faculty evaluation. 

We are accepting applications for Spring 2019 workshops. 

Strategies for the Effective Use of Undergraduate Learning Assistants in STEM Courses

There is a growing national trend to use undergraduate learning assistants (UGLAs), also known as teaching assistants, in the college classroom to improve the educational experience of students and the teaching experience of faculty members. Research has shown that students in sections that utilize UGLAs earn higher grades, are more likely to pass their courses with a C or higher, experience lower levels of anxiety, and are more actively engaged in the classroom than their counterparts in courses without UGLAs.  

Info and Registration for Spring 2019. Registration is capped at 20.