Programs & Registration

A.R.I.S.E.  (Adopting Research-based Instructional Strategies for Enhancing) STEM EDUCATION is a NSF-funded institutional-level project aimed at improving student learning by enriching the way STEM courses are taught at the University of Nebraska. The project offers professional development opportunities for faculty and strives to foster cross-departmental comparisons of teaching cultures and efforts to elevate the importance of teaching in faculty evaluation. 

We are accepting applications for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 workshops. 

Peer Instruction

Peer Instruction is an evidence-based instructional strategy that promotes students’ engagement and conceptual thinking. It provides real-time feedback to instructors on students’ understanding of the concept being taught. This strategy, which can be used in tandem with clickers or other personal response systems, has been demonstrated to be one of the most successful student-centered instructional practices for the STEM classroom. The majority of the UNL faculty who have participated in this program have integrated Peer Instruction permanently in their teaching.

Info and Registration for Spring 2018 Program. Registration is capped at 20 and closes September 22, 2017.

Learning by Design

Student learning and success in a course are affected by instructional decisions that take place well before the first day of class. Careful planning and attention to a course's design can both facilitate student learning as well as make teaching fulfilling and more satisfying. This program is designed for STEM faculty who are preparing to teach a new course for the first time and/or who want to re-think or re-envision - in small or big ways - a course that they already have experience teaching.

Participants in the program will learn about fundamental course design principles and apply them to the design of a new course or the partial/full re-design of an existing course.

Info and Registration for Fall 2017. Registration is capped at 20 and closes October 10, 2017.