Spring 2018 Peer Instruction Program


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Peer Instruction is an evidence-based instructional strategy that promotes students’ engagement and conceptual thinking. It provides real-time feedback to instructors on students’ understanding of the concept being taught. This strategy, which can be used in tandem with clickers or other personal response systems, has been demonstrated to be one of the most successful student-centered instructional practices for the STEM classroom. The majority of the UNL faculty who have participated in this program have integrated Peer Instruction permanently in their teaching.

If you want to enhance students’ participation in your class, then this program is for you!

This program series will consist of 8 1.5-hrs meetings at a time that is convenient for registered applicants. The meetings will take place every other week throughout the semester.  Contact Marilyne Stains at mstains2@unl.edu for questions regarding this program. 

If selected to participate, you will be expected to attend most of the program sessions. Program materials will be provided at no cost. Enrollment is capped at 20.